Why People are still complaining of Stucked fund? Any plan for resolution?

It seems team is silent about the same issues in the ‘newly upgraded’ dptp on bsc and okx chain?? Why team is silent on this? Are we doing anything on this to resolve? You must have some plans !!! Why not share @justin

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Justin took all the money from dtpt and spent it somewhere, dtpt and dex are useless now and no one needs it! The Posi token is also absolutely useless.

Dear user, we appreciate your honest feedback and we are deeply sorry if you are feeling that way. Fortunately, our Perpetual Trading Protocol is 100% onchain and totally decentralized. If you have any doubt about any part of it, you can trace it down to a penny by just a couple of simple clicks.
Let’s back up our arguments with facts, if there is any. Or just simply say i think, it is my idea,…

Thank you for your understanding

You still didn’t answer me.

Oh, I didn’t miss your message, dear user. I just thought you have tagged Justin so I hold back for him, if you get the chance, to answer. I don’t like to be wasting your time like the last time that you expressed it. But if you insist, I would answer your message too.