Will POSICHAIN be able to take the load?

There is no doubt that we have an excellent product. But seems Posichain is unable to bear the load even now, with just a few thousand users!!! I have checked harmony chain explorer, they have very less transactions compared to posi, may be it is not capable of handling so many transactions. If it’s so, whatever you do, situation is not going to improve. I have seen some new blockchain like hyperonchain (though as of now they’re not trustable) handling thousands of transactions like butter!!! Please check hyperonscan dot com. @justin @Justin_Position

If you guys think, it’s not true, then please don’t keep us in darkness. We need to know, what are the real issues you guys are facing, why the product is not able to take load and how you are planning to resolve it!!!

Please!! @Dragon 's words are not convincing!!!

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Im not dev and im not expert, but I think posichain capable to handling transactions. Coz still very low transaction in each block. But as you can see our DPTP is very unique, traders transaction is using BSC and forwarded to posichain. So there is communication between BSC and posichain. So I think the issue of our DPTP is communication between BSC and posichain. And thats still need improvement


That’s why they need to inform the community, what is going on!!! 99.9% of posi holders are not developer

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Hello dear user. I wish you would hear my words on this topic first, then judging if my words are convincing or not. That proved you have other intentions than just looking for an answer. Good luck with that.

Yes, clearly I have other intentions. I want here a reply from @justin and If I need good luck for that, just too bas.

No problem, dear user. And I wished you good luck for that too. But you seem to be missing the point, you have said Dragon’s words are not convincing. And I have not replied your post yet, and of course will not(per your request).
As the Manager of Position Exchange Community, it is my responsibility to attend users inquiries and concerns. If you see I am answering the posts, don’t take it personal :wink:

Have a good day.