Will there be a "classic" p2p?

Does the team have any plans, or even a concept for organizing a fair and open “classic” p2p for a decentralized platform?
this function is very necessary for any exchange, and if it is not there, it immediately loses crypto beginners who do not yet know how to buy crypto for their fiat, and they want to do all the stages of learning crypto in one place, be it the very first steps such as buying crypto with fiat, selling crypto with fiat, trading, portfolio building, etc.
personally, I came to crypto through binance, and if there was no p2p in it, I would most likely not want to look for any other ways to buy crypto, because binance was with a good reputation and relatively safe for beginners, and even those who did not buy crypto somehow heard of binance, because of its capabilities and variety of functions and reliability

Hi Willsun,

Thank you for your suggestion on adding a “classic” P2P feature to our decentralized platform. We understand that this function is crucial for many users, especially beginners, who are looking for a one-stop solution to learning and trading cryptocurrencies.

We are aware of the importance of this feature, and it is definitely in our plans for the future. However, as with any new platform, we have limited resources and time, and we need to prioritize the implementation of key features first. Our main focus is to ensure that the basic functions of the platform are in place and working optimally before we move on to additional features.

Rest assured that we have many exciting ideas and plans for the future, and we will keep our community informed as we progress. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work towards making Position Exchange the best platform it can be.

Best regards,


It will be very welcome this option to p2p directly through the posi dex, because I always bridge bank-binance-metamask-position exchange, I was looking at another dex that has this option https://p2p.polkabridge.org/ in the future when the team has more time after so many releases it will be interesting to have this option, but as Justin has already said it is already in our future roadmap, there are so many tools that we can bring to our posi ecosystem that will be beautiful to see the future of posi being built, Justin and his team thank you for your work, keep it up and you will have strong support from the community.

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